Being Pregnant: 1st trimester must-haves

  (This post is originally from the blog Two Tiny Feet, One Big Heart)   I want to share with you my secret survival kit for my 1st trimester of pregnancy. Even though I was not spending most of my time in the bathroom, like many other people experience – sorry girls! – I was unable to eat many, many, many things, due to the ongoing nausea and food aversion. Here was a list of things that helped me literally survive the 1st trimester, since they were almost all that I was eating. Also, despite the non-eating and non-weight gain in the 1st trimester, surprisingly, that belly still started to pop, so I also share my favorite item for the growing belly. #1 – Clementines, saltines & pickles  Yes, these were the main items I ate during 2-3 months of pregnancy. The typical movie-like scene you see of pregnant women feeling horrible when they smell certain foods: 100% correct. I would go through a box of clementines in 3 days, since that was the only appetizing thing for me. Well, that and other citrus things like orange juice, lemonade, etc. I always liked clementines, but it just became my best friend during these months. Saltines… helped me survive. It gave me the crunch I needed for snack time, it was on my bed-side table to munch during the night (since it was supposed to ease the nausea) and I munched on them every time I felt I was getting hungry and didn’t feel like anything else. We went through some boxes of these. Pickles. Well, pickles basically helped me eat my meals....

Being Pregnant: 1st trimester overview

(Post originally from Two Tiny Feet, One Big Heart)   Wether planned, unplanned, long waited for or recent news… finding out you’re pregnant brings up a rush of a million emotions. The day I find out I was pregnant, I could not believe it. After our share of negative tests, I had no hope whatsoever that month and was taking the test just to get it over with. So, when I look over and see one strong line and one faint line, I was hopeful but not hesitant. I nervously read the instructions and saw “even if one line is faint, it is a positive test”. I sobbed. I could not believe that moment had finally come. I finally saw the lines we were waiting for. I couldn’t believe it. And of all days, today, the day of daddy’s birthday. I had imagined that possibility at the beginning of the month (yes, when you are trying to get pregnant you do too much math), but never thought it would actually happen. However, I was still not convinced. So, I quickly got ready and left the house before daddy was even up. On my way to work I bought another test, the digital kind, so there would be no doubts. At work, in a secluded bathroom I decide to take the 2nd test… and bam! There it was: “PREGNANT“. No doubts about it! I was beaming! I can’t even remember being that purely and genuinely happy in a long, long time. How to work and disguise such happiness all day? It was really hard! I kept looking at the pictures I had taken of...
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