Turning One: the surprise toddler attack

As some of you may know, I  am the mother to a wonderful baby girl who just turned 1 in October. With the birthday cake and party, came a sudden change that I “forgot” I should expect. Let’s just say that not only the cake had been smashed. All of sudden, my sweet little baby was starting to throw tantrums at diaper changes, when we took away a toy, and was once again not sleeping through the night. As any normal mom I began the guilt trip: “what am I doing wrong?“, “did I already spoil her?“, “what happened to my baby?“. That same week, I happened to go to a professional engagement and had the honor to hear once more Dr. Barry Brazelton, a world renowned pediatrician and child development expert that has written an array of books on babies, children, and parenthood. This meeting was a wonderful professional meeting, but now, as a mom, it also hit home with that new role as well. All of sudden, I started “remembering” all these things. As a parent, I was forgetting my child development knowledge and was focusing on the problem. This meeting, opened my eyes again to all the child development piece I wasn’t using when facing these new changes in my personal life. I went home and re-read the chapter on 1 year-olds from Dr. Brazelton’s book – Touchpoints: Birth to Three – Your Child’s Emotional and Behavioral Development.  At each sentence, each paragraph, I was smiling in surprise at what an accurate description Dr. Brazelton was making of my child. I read the main points to my husband....
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