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Hello. Welcome to my nest. This is my little corner, the place I have chosen. This is where I feel safe and warm. This is the home my journey has led me to. This is where I share, learn, listen, and provide support. Here is where you can join me. It’s not just my nest, it’s ours. A LOVING NEST. A nest where the whole family is welcome when they need a cozy place to regroup, think, and learn. A place that is here for you when you need it, that gives you tools to succeed, and that is happy to see you gain your wings, courage, and fly. I like to think I’ve lived a lot in the 30 years I’ve been in this world. I was born in the US to a family of immigrants that worked hard in a country where they spoke a language they did not know, in times where it wasn’t easy to communicate with family left behind. They worked hard but ultimately wanted to go back to their country. That meant a huge change for me at the age of 8. I was raised and grew into the person I know today in Portugal. Went to school, made lasting friendships, figured out what I wanted to be, and went to college. However, on the urge of an impulse, motivated by the difficult economical climate in Portugal and the difficulty in finding jobs, I decided to come back to where I had been born and start a life. In a very different experience than the one of my own parents, I settled in, this time with...
infant parent mental health

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