When you Find the Perfect Spot: Recreo Coffee & Roasterie

    Recently I have had a couple of days in the week when I actually have some time just for myself. And on one of those days, I was so happy to have walked into a new coffee place in West Roxbury, that has now become my favorite – Recreo Coffee & Roasterie,.     I sat down next to the window, my laptop on one side and my deliciously creamy cappuccino on the other. I felt like I was home again, I felt like was in Portugal. The feeling overtook my body and I was happy and relaxed. Everything from the decoration, to the chairs, to the quality of the coffee, to the cup, just made me feel home. The owner, Miriam Morales, reminded me of my own father. So caring and concerned about her customer’s experience, she would personally talk to each costumer and make sure that everything was perfect. When I heard her ask one of her customers if he had time to drink his Machiatto in an actual porcelain cup vs a plastic to-go cup “because it just tastes so much better” I knew this was going to be my favorite spot. So the next time I was there, I decided to interview her for the blog, because I wanted to share her story.   This new coffee shop opened on Centre St on February 14th, just next to Sugar and the Real Deal. Owner Miriam has been in the coffee business for a long time, but this is her first coffee shop. Born and raised in Nicaragua, her parents have owned a farm since...

And the winner is….

For a week we partnered with NüRoo to share information on the benefits of skin-to-skin contact. We gave our followers a chance to enter and win the wonderful NüRoo Pocket. Thanks to everyone who entered!   And the winner is…   KRISTEN VISSER! Please e-mail me at info@thelovingnest.com with your mailing address and size and color preferences so we can ship you your prize! The Pocket is available in 3/4 sleeve (Black or Teal) or Short Sleeve (Black), sized XS – XL. If we don’t hear from the winner within 4 business days, another winner will be announced.   To all others who would have loved a chance to win, don’t miss out on a special 20% discount just for The Loving Nest’s followers! Use code LOVENEST at checkout from now until May 31st. Thanks, once again, to NüRoo for being such amazing partners and giving us the chance to learn more about their products and spread the word on the importance of Kangaroo Care and skin-to-skin contact!...
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