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nursing motherAs part of both my job and my new role as a pregnant women, I end up reading several books on motherhoo, parenting, child development, etc. This book, The Nursing Mother’s Companion, by Kathleen Huggins, was lent to me by a great friend that also happens to be a doula and aspiring midwife. We were talking about breastfeeding and questions about pumping and she kindly offered to lend me this book as a “must-read” while pregnant.

I have to agree with her. The book is very well written and detailed about everything someone would want or need to know while breastfeeding. It has great images that illustrate the techniques described and has a wonderful break-down of the most important issues that arise during specific times – 1st week, 1st two months,  etc.

It really focuses on the essential things you need to know and I love when a book is that practical. It will show you the most effective positions to breast-feed in, give you suggestions for common issues like engorgement, sore nipples, babies with sucking problems, etc. I also love that is doesn’t stop there and also takes you into the pumping and the weaning phase. It literally is a companion for the whole time you breastfeed.

I thought it was a great read and now have to return the book to its owner. However, I have a serious feeling that I will be purchasing the Kindle version after the baby comes. The information is so rich that I know this is where I would turn to if I were having any breastfeeding difficulties.  Hopefully I would also be able to get access to direct services at the Ob-Gyn practice I go to that has a part-time lactation consultant. It is always important to look in your community for extra support. As good as the book may be, being able to talk to someone about your difficulties and having them show you hands-on what you can do, is so important and helpful.

So if your curiosity was sparked by this post and you feel like you want to do some reading, you can find it on Amazon for $11.83 paperback version or $9.32 for Kindle.

Happy reading!

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