This 2nd pregnancy brought along much more nausea than I had the first time around. To the point I could barely eat anything but toast and apples. I started worrying about my baby’s health and development and wanted to make sure it was getting appropriate nutrients, despite my inability to eat nutritious foods!

Fortunately, around the 2nd week of my bad nausea, I learned about Bundle Organics. They are a fairly new company who developed organic juices that are safe for pregnancy and ObGyn recommended. They were developed with the help of doctors and are fortified with all the extra nutrients and vitamins that a pregnant or breastfeeding mom needs to support their health and their baby’s health. These juices are not meant to substitute prenatal vitamins in any way, but to complement your daily vitamin intake with all the goodness you should be intaking during your pregnancy. The pasteurized juices are fortified with folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and more.

Needless to say, when you are nauseous and don’t really want to eat, green juices can be so helpful to keep not only your daily fluid intake at an optimal level, but also to keep you “eating” healthy. Plus, two of the Bundle Organics flavors contain ginger, which is known to help alleviate nausea. I have to say, that was the best part for me! The days when I felt worst, sipping on a bit of these juices throughout the day made a world of a difference. I also drank a lot of lemon and ginger tea, but sometimes you just want something fresh from the fridge and not a hot tea! You can find the ginger in the “Green” kale-apple-lemon-ginger mix and also in the “Orange” orange-carrot-strawberry-ginger mix (which was my personal favorite).

Now, let’s talk flavor! I have to say, if you are not someone that is used to drinking green juices or smoothies, you might find the taste a bit bitter in the beginning. These are not sweet juices. But, you do get used to the flavors and because they are so helpful with alleviating the nausea, you will actually want to drink more and more of it and you will enjoy the flavors more and more each time. If you are used to green drinks, you will find that these juices taste just like what you are used to. Above all, it feels good to know that you are nurturing your body and your baby.

Where can you find these? Babies “R” Us and Buy Buy Baby both carry Bundle Organics juices, but you can also order them online (click here). You can give it a try now and use my special discount code LOVINGNEST15 and get 15% off any order (excluding subscriptions).

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, give it a shot! It’s a delicious way to keep healthy! And don’t forget to spread the word to your expecting or new mama friends!



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