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When I was pregnant with my first we were so excited and anxious to find out what we were having. Not so much because we had a preference, but just to materialize it all – so the baby wouldn’t be an it anymore, but a he or a she; so we could pick a name; so we could tell our, also eager, family. We just wanted to find out and tell everyone right after. No surprises, no parties, no fanciness. A simple “It’s a girl!” picture-text was enough!

This time around, we were as eager to find out, but wanted to make it a little bit more special. The 2nd pregnancy announcement never gets the same level of attention and liveliness as the first. People usually say: “oh, you are having another?”, followed by a “congratulations” that can range dramatically in enthusiasm level or by some uncalled for comment like “are you crazy?”. So, we thought, why not try to make the gender reveal a bit more interesting and entertaining. We still did not want to be surprised. Both my husband and I are not really the surprise-loving kind, but we wanted to make it a bit more fun for family, who at that point were placing their bets on whether baby number 2 was a boy or a girl.

Before we found out the gender we announced that L was becoming a big sister and included a cute picture with her holding a sign and a great design I purchased for instant download on Etsy (read more here). That design is also a cute way to start the boy/girl guessing game.

We found out the gender at our 20-week ultrasound. Despite having a slight preference, we were very open to either sex. Or at least we thought we were (more about this in a future post)…  We found out a week before Christmas. It was too late to make and send a surprise to both our parents, who live overseas, and have it arrive before Christmas. So for them and for our friends who also live far away, we decided to make a cute video and have big sister be hands-on and more involved.

Like a lot of 2 year-olds that watch YouTube videos, mine is also a fan of those surprise egg videos. So, I went to the basement and found our plastic Easter eggs and filled them with the appropriate colored candy for the gender reveal. It was a cute little way to tell our families what we were having, by adding a little bit of suspense. We even made 3 short videos: one with a pink, another with a blue, and also a yellow egg. If people were guessing it was a boy or a girl we would send them that colored egg video. Otherwise, we would send the neutral yellow. It was a cute and sweet idea and the big sister even got to eat some candy because of it! 😉

So, in case you are curious…

It’s a ….



We are having a little boy in early May!

But the surprises did not end here! Since Christmas was around the corner, we wanted to do a fun game with our extended family with whom we were spending Christmas Eve. That way the evening would become more entertaining, as well. We decided on scratch-off tickets, because who doesn’t like those? There was an amazingly cute version on Etsy which was my number 1 choice. But, unfortunately it wouldn’t make it on time for Christmas. It only had one winner and that would have made things much more interesting. I did end up finding an alternative on Amazon with Prime delivery which was equally as cute and ended up being fun too!


gender reveal


I really enjoyed working on these small surprises and seeing everyone’s reaction. It makes it so much fun! Although, at the end of the day, all someone in my family needs to find out an unborn baby’s gender is to ask my paternal grandfather! He can look at your belly and face and tell you boy or girl. To this day he has NEVER been wrong. Pretty impressive and makes you think it can’t be just a coincidence, right?

What gender reveal ideas have you used or do you like? Share in the comments!

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