He’s here!

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts (links below) you know that my baby boy arrived earlier in May. Just like his sister, he decided to wait 1 week after his due date to make an appearance. More in this subject later. We have been overcome by joy, as well as by tiredness and toddler tantrums! He will be 2 months next week and we are now getting into a groove as a family of 4. So in between diapers, feedings, laughter, and cries, I will slowly try to come back to posting so many of the thoughts and emotions that have been going through my head since the end of this pregnancy up to today. Please stay tune for more posts to come! And for now, don’t forget to follow on social media on: Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Snap Chat –...

Bundle Organics: from nausea to breastfeeding, they’ve got us covered

This 2nd pregnancy brought along much more nausea than I had the first time around. To the point I could barely eat anything but toast and apples. I started worrying about my baby’s health and development and wanted to make sure it was getting appropriate nutrients, despite my inability to eat nutritious foods! Fortunately, around the 2nd week of my bad nausea, I learned about Bundle Organics. They are a fairly new company who developed organic juices that are safe for pregnancy and ObGyn recommended. They were developed with the help of doctors and are fortified with all the extra nutrients and vitamins that a pregnant or breastfeeding mom needs to support their health and their baby’s health. These juices are not meant to substitute prenatal vitamins in any way, but to complement your daily vitamin intake with all the goodness you should be intaking during your pregnancy. The pasteurized juices are fortified with folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and more. Needless to say, when you are nauseous and don’t really want to eat, green juices can be so helpful to keep not only your daily fluid intake at an optimal level, but also to keep you “eating” healthy. Plus, two of the Bundle Organics flavors contain ginger, which is known to help alleviate nausea. I have to say, that was the best part for me! The days when I felt worst, sipping on a bit of these juices throughout the day made a world of a difference. I also drank a lot of lemon and ginger tea, but sometimes you just want something fresh from the fridge and...

11 Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding may not be as simple and natural as it’s cut out to be. As I explored in my last post, sometimes it can bring along many unexpected challenges. Being prepared and knowing what type of supports, products, and services are out there will help you navigate with more ease your breastfeeding journey. Here is a list of my 11 breastfeeding essentials:  1. Nursing Pillow – we used the Boppy Pillow and really enjoyed it! Some people tend not to invest in a pillow thinking it will be a short-lived item. Well, let me tell you, it’s not! Besides the countless hours of breastfeeding we also used it as a prop for my daughter as she grew. Either for tummy time, for supported sitting, or simply just to play with… my 20 month-old can still be found using her Boppy at one time or another. As it pertains to breastfeeding itself, I found it extremely useful for the long nursing sessions that tend to happen in the first months of breastfeeding. Holding your child in the same position for 30 minutes to 1 hour can take it’s toll.   2. Nipple Cream – everyone knows that nipples can become cracked in the beginning of breastfeeding. Lanolin creams can definitly help alleviate the discomfort. However, sometimes, it goes beyond normal discomfort and you should know that there are other options. Ask your doctor or midwife about prescription APNO cream and if it’s indicated for you. In my case, this made a huge difference. It truly helped the healing process of nipples that were already beyond cracked.   3. Nipple Shield – it is not...

Breastfeeding: the good, the bad, and the ugly

When I found out I was pregnant I knew immediately I wanted to breastfeed my child. I am product of the 80’s, when it was said to mother’s that bottle feeding was much more hygienic and safe for babies, when family act leave was a long stretch away (I mean, maternity leave in this country is still a far stretch away, but that’s a subject for another post), and pumping wasn’t really a thing. Therefore, my mother chose to bottle feed, knowing she would return to work 6 short weeks from my birth. I like to think that both my brother and I turned out ok, independently of having been breastfed or not. However, this was something I wanted to do. Working in the pediatric field, I knew beforehand not to expect breastfeeding to be an easy breeze. “You have to try for at least two weeks”, everyone would say. “Breastfeeding is hard, but once you are past the hump, you can do it with one hand”, others would say. Much like my plans for labor and delivery (read here), I knew to expect the worst. And still, once again it was even harder than I imagined! After a “failed” birth plan, I was even more determined to make breastfeeding work. After all, I had to do something right to give my baby a healthy start, right? These were just some of the mommy guilt thoughts that would haunt my already crazy hormonal brain. Despite having ended up with a c-section, my postpartum experience at Newton-Wellesley hospital was impeccable. I was still in the recovery room right outside the OR when a loving nurse...

Book Recommendation: The Nursing Mother’s Companion

(Post originally from Two Tiny Feet, One Big Heart) As part of both my job and my new role as a pregnant women, I end up reading several books on motherhoo, parenting, child development, etc. This book, The Nursing Mother’s Companion, by Kathleen Huggins, was lent to me by a great friend that also happens to be a doula and aspiring midwife. We were talking about breastfeeding and questions about pumping and she kindly offered to lend me this book as a “must-read” while pregnant. I have to agree with her. The book is very well written and detailed about everything someone would want or need to know while breastfeeding. It has great images that illustrate the techniques described and has a wonderful break-down of the most important issues that arise during specific times – 1st week, 1st two months,  etc. It really focuses on the essential things you need to know and I love when a book is that practical. It will show you the most effective positions to breast-feed in, give you suggestions for common issues like engorgement, sore nipples, babies with sucking problems, etc. I also love that is doesn’t stop there and also takes you into the pumping and the weaning phase. It literally is a companion for the whole time you breastfeed. I thought it was a great read and now have to return the book to its owner. However, I have a serious feeling that I will be purchasing the Kindle version after the baby comes. The information is so rich that I know this is where I would turn to if I were having any...
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