7 Lessons from Frozen I want you learn – a letter to my daughter

You were born in October of 2013, right when the Frozen fever began. Of course, with you being a newborn and me being a new mom, watching movies was not on our priority list. However, after seeing all the little kids go crazy about it and it being the Disney movie of the year you were born, I had a goal to one day watch it with you and start our own Disney movie tradition. Little did I know that I would watch it hundreds of times, know all the songs and most of the dialogues… Yes, even though we were late to the party, the Frozen craze reached our household and at a young age. You have been watching bits and pieces and signing along to the frozen songs since you were about 15 months old. Now you are 2 and you still love it! We even watched the whole thing from start to finish for the first time just recently on one of these wintry and snowy day! Watching it so many times has not only made me memorize lyrics and dialogue but has also made me appreciate a lot of the details about the movie. I have compiled the 7 real-life lessons I want you to learn from Frozen and wanted to write you this letter so I could share them today with you, while it’s all still fresh in my mind. You are too young to understand this now, but hopefully you will read this when you are older and you will appreciate your mom’s words of advice. So, here we go! 1. “The heart...

Moving towards a legacy of love

Last night I held my daughter tighter as she fell asleep. I felt sad thinking that she will grow up in a world that is still full of hate, violence, and ignorance. I always thought my generation would have made some sort of positive impact in the world filling it with more love, justice, and empathy. But we are not there yet. We are still not there… While I was deeply saddened and sick to my stomach with the news that were coming from Paris, my 2 year-old daughter innocently kept playing and smiling, oblivious to the evils and dangers of the world. I wish I could  keep it like that forever. How do you talk to your kids about these things? How do you assure them that they can feel safe, when deep down, you don’t feel safe yourself? How do you pass on the values you want to instill, like love, hope, and happiness while still acknowledging the hate, fear, and injustice that happens around the world? As a parent, you would do anything to protect your children from harm, grief or sadness. It’s hard enough to accept that bad things happen, like natural disasters, illness, accidents… But to still have to add to your list, preventable acts of hate and violence, is just cruel. We can not just accept as normal the possibility of losing our kids or our kids losing their parents to a random act of terrorism or gun violence. This should not be our new normal. It’s not just up to the world leaders to resolve these issues with politics and wars. It’s up to us. We deserve to raise our...

How The #100HappyDays Challenge Has Changed Me

(Post originally from blog Two Tiny Feet, One Big Heart) It has been one month since I started the #100HappyDays Challenge. Influenced by other people whom I follow on social media, I decided that I would give it a try. How hard can it be to post something that makes you happy every day? Well, unfortunately, sometimes it is really hard. We live in a fast-paced world and rarely do we slow down to reflect upon the simpler things in life. We move along from one obligation to the next and when we realize it a week, a month, a year as flown by. For those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know that I started this adventure the first day I decided to stay home. So of course, my days have been a bit easier know that they are not full with the hustle and bustle of the full-time working mom days (although there is a lot to be said about the work of being a full-time mom too. But that topic I will leave for another post). And yes, I have a wonderful baby that makes me happy every day. But, to challenge myself, I try to really think of any other little or big thing that is making my life happier that day. #100HappyDays has made me a more mindful person. Everyday I am forced to look back and think about sensations, feelings, thoughts that filled my spirit with positivity. Because of #100HappyDays, I practice gratitude every day. I count my blessings. I focus on what makes me fulfilled and happy. Sometimes it is something as...
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