When you need help picking a book

  I love to try to find the perfect book for someone! During my Facebook Usborne Book Parties Based I try picking some books I think will be good matches for the children of all the guests who choose to share their child’s ages and interests. I am happy to do so for anyone who is looking to order online. Just e-mail me the information I need for the child you are shopping for, as well as your budget, and I will reply within 24 hours with 3-4 suggestions. This is great for anyone ordering books for their own children, as well as looking for ideas for gifts and even homeschooling.     GET YOUR PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS...

He’s here!

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts (links below) you know that my baby boy arrived earlier in May. Just like his sister, he decided to wait 1 week after his due date to make an appearance. More in this subject later. We have been overcome by joy, as well as by tiredness and toddler tantrums! He will be 2 months next week and we are now getting into a groove as a family of 4. So in between diapers, feedings, laughter, and cries, I will slowly try to come back to posting so many of the thoughts and emotions that have been going through my head since the end of this pregnancy up to today. Please stay tune for more posts to come! And for now, don’t forget to follow on social media on: Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Snap Chat –...
infant parent mental health

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