6 Guidelines for Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

There are so many things I am passionate about when it comes to the field of Early Childhood Mental Health. So, when Nicole Starr Photography asked me to pick a theme close to my heart to write about as a guest blogger for her website, it was really hard to choose just one thing. I decided to write an article that would give a little bit of information on several different topics that are the most frequently asked about when it comes to raising babies and young children. If you want to learn more about my 6 Guidelines for Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids, head over to Nicole’s blog and read all about it! I hope you enjoy it and come back to my website and leave your thoughts and comments below! Read...

News: Upcoming classes and workshops in Everett

  I have teamed up with Babies “R” Us and have a month full of amazing workshops coming up in their Everett store! This store has a brand new Learning Center inside ready for parents, parents-to-be and anyone who wants to join us to enjoy a comfortable and private space to talk about children, parenting, and families.   Not sure if this is for you? Well, Tuesday, June 23rd at 7pm you can join me for a FREE introductory workshop! During Baby & Beyond: how to raise emotionally healthy children we will have a quick overview of some of the key components that in parenting young children. From soothing a newborn, to dealing with tantrums, to the importance of play, this introductory workshop will shine some light on the important topics of parenting young children. If you have kids from ages 0 through 5, you should definitely stop by!   Wednesday, July 8th launches the 1st workshop from the series Toddlers and Preschoolers. From tantrums, to picky eaters, to potty training we will have mini workshops (50 minutes) for different topics. Each class is $20/per couple. The following day, on Thursday, July 9th the workshop series Your Baby’s 1st Year begins. Topics such as soothing, temperament, and family dynamics will be covered in these mini workshops. For both series there is a promotion: BUY 4, GET 1 FREE. You can mix and match 4 workshops of your liking from each series or even buy all 8 and get 2 free! Light refreshments will be served at each workshop and a Babies “R” Us gift bag will be given to each parent. Just as...
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