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I had the pleasure of having Andrea teach me how to massage my 2 month old daughter.  Andrea was so patient, as my little one was quite fussy. She is also so sweet, accommodating and knowledgeable. The infant massage has helped relax my little one as she has a hard time winding down for bed time. It has also helped a lot with colic. I would highly recommend Andrea to any friend of mine!

Lilliane DeJesus

Mother to 2 month old baby girl

I took and Infant Massage class with Andrea and loved learning something beneficial and useful to use with my infant, especially something that can help her soothe and relax. I really enjoyed not only the massage, but all the information shared during the session. Andrea was very caring, concerned, and attentive to my needs and my baby’s needs. Merryl M.

Mother to a 2 month-old baby girl

We took and Infant Massage class with Andrea. She is very helpful and patient and very nice to work with. We went over the techniques several time to ensure we were doing them correctly. Learning infant massage has helped us bond and soothe our baby boy. Stacy and Andrew S.

Parents to a 3 month-old baby boy

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